WhatsApp Integration through Freshworks


Many users have asked us to add WhatsApp integration with the option to answer manually to a conversation, and here we are!

In this guide, you will get everything you need to have your Gali assistants answering on WhatsApp via the Freshworks integration.

Why do you need the Freshworks integration? Simply because:

1) WhatsApp Business doesn't offer a platform to monitor conversations integrated with an AI chatbot, and we want to give you the opportunity to read the messages from a console where you can escalate to a human and answer manually where needed;

2) Other platforms don't allow users to manually answer WhatsApp messages, while on Freshworks, you can assign a conversation to a human, and Gali will let you answer in its place.

Requirements: Freshworks and Whatsapp Business

Before you start, there are two requirements:

1) Create a Freshworks account, if you don't have one yet. For the integration with Gali, you will need 'conversation APIs' and 'Webhooks', which are included in different plans, such as Freshchat Pro or Freshsales Suite Pro.

2) Get a WhatsApp Business number and connect it to your Meta Business account.

Part 1: Connect WhatsApp to Freshworks

Step 1: Go to Freshworks Admin Settings and setup WhatsApp

This is easy: from your Admin Settings, click on the "WhatsApp" channel.

If you don't have a WhatsApp number connected already, click on 'Add number' and follow the instructions.

Part 2: Create and connect your Freshworks account

Step 1: Go to Freshworks and create your account

If you don't have it already, go to Freshworks and create your account. For the integration with Gali, you will need 'conversation APIs', which are included in different plans, such as Freshchat Pro or Freshsales Suite Pro.

Step 2: Add your Gali Wehbook into Freshworks

From your Gali dashboard, go to the 'Integrations' tab and click on Freshworks.

A modal will appear, and you can copy the link to the Webhook URL that we created for you.

Copy the URL and go back to Freshworks. In the Admin Settings, find or type 'Webhook.' Then open the API - 'Webhooks for Chat' settings.

Enable webhooks, paste the URL in the Webhook input, and SAVE the changes.

Step 3: Add your Freshworks data into Gali

You are already in your Freshworks account. Go back to the Admin Settings section, find or type 'API,' and open the 'API Settings'.

Copy your 'API Key' and your 'Chat URL,' and add them to your Gali -> Freshworks integration in the same modal from where you took your Webhook URL.

Save changes.

From your Freshworks settings, add also the 'Send As' from Gali AI

You are almost there! Now you need to define the 'Group Name'.

But what is it? A group on Freshworks is a group of agents, consisting of human or bot agents.

Why is it needed? To define who should answer a conversation between Gali and a human agent.

So, how does Gali know if it has to answer or not?
1) If a conversation is not assigned to any agent or any group, Gali will answer.
2) If a conversation is assigned to an agent or a group, then Gali will pass it through, and the assigned agents will have will have to answer manually from Freshworks.

Gali chatbots are able to automatically understand if users need human assistance via the 'Escalate to Human' function that you find in Gali Dashboard Settings. You can decide whether to activate it or not. In case it's on, your chatbot connected to Freshworks and WhatsApp will automatically assign a conversation to a Group if the user needs to talk to a human, and from that moment, it won't answer anymore in the conversation until you re-assign it to the chatbot.

Gali will assign a conversation to the defined Group Name also in the event of errors (e.g., IP limited, finished credits, problems with OpenAI, etc.).

Well done!

You should be able to test it now, sending a WhatsApp message to the business number you added.