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What is Gali, exactly?


Gali is an AI custom chatbot, functioning as an intelligent chat assistant, which is driven by AI GPT technology. Gali is unique as it trains on your personalized resources, such as websites, documentation, FAQs, etc., thereby enabling insightful conversations.

Gali offers the flexibility to employ multiple chatbots, each serving a unique purpose such as, but not limited to:
- Salesbot: Efficiently transforms more website visitors into potential leads.
- Customer Support: Aids in responding to a majority of your support inquiries by integrating relevant sources.
- Wiki & docs: Provides immediate access to internal documentation and policies.
- Fully-tailored: Offers the option to create custom prompts as per your requirements.

Is it a chatbot?


While it appears similar to a typical chatbot, Gali far exceeds this basic functionality. Consider Gali as the chatbot of the future - intelligent, AI-driven, and constantly available while consistently maintaining top-notch performance.

Imagine taking a conventional chatbot and infusing it with GPT capabilities for interactive conversations. What you get is an immensely powerful assistant, tailored specifically for you.

Gali's dynamic nature allows it to understand the context, offering 24/7 availability and consistently high performance.

Is it possible to use Gali for internal documents?


Absolutely! The process is also straightforward: Simply upload the pertinent files and incorporate the chatbot into your internal website. Additionally, we are planning to introduce integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams in the near future.

What is the estimated setup time for Gali?


Setting up Gali is a quick and simple process. You can test it within approximately 5 minutes, and in less than 10 minutes, you could have your customized chatbot trained and live.

Not convinced? Give it a shot for free!
1) Sign up (<1 min)
2) Create and customize your first chatbot (3 min)
3) Add the link to your website and your documents (2 min)
4) Add the HTML on your website and deploy it (4 min)

Can you explain the structure of your pricing?


We provide a range of pricing options to cater to your specific needs, beginning with a free tier that allows you to test Gali. Each of our plans comes with a different set of features and includes a number of message credits.

For any additional messages beyond your plan's limit, we offer a 'pay-as-you-go' option (coming soon).

Is there an option to add my own OpenAI key?


Yes. The Enterprise plan allows for the addition of your own OpenAI API Key, a feature particularly useful in scenarios of extensive usage.

Where are the servers storing the data located?


We utilize Heroku for our services, with our servers being based in Europe.

Does Gali integrate with Zapier?


Yes, Gali offers integration with Zapier. You can find the relevant Zaps here:

Using Zapier, you can connect Gali to Drive, email, Slack, Hubspot, Zendesk, and any other tool that's integrated with Zapier.

What advantages does Gali have over my current chatbot?


Traditional chatbots come with certain limitations, which often lead to a less than satisfactory user experience. These limitations include:
- Static answers: They struggle to handle conversations and questions that they weren't trained on, providing only static replies.
- Inability to understand context: Using them often feels more like interacting with a basic FAQ helper than having a genuine, intelligent conversation.
- Delayed response times: The typical 'we usually answer in 2 hours' does not align with the immediate needs of your users. They require a quality response promptly.

Gali effectively eliminates these limitations, providing a superior chatbot experience.

What is a salesbot?


Salesbot is like your optimal sales representative - always active and at its best performance. Often, visitors aren't ready for direct sales interactions, but they're interested in learning more about your product. This is where Salesbot steps in, engaging in intelligent, context-specific dialogues with potential leads.

With Salesbot, there's no more waiting for responses from human agents or spending excessive time navigating the website.

What AI technology is utilized?


Gali primarily harnesses the power of OpenAI GPT. However, we are actively exploring other Language Model Machines (LLMs) that might be more suitable for certain specific use cases. Our commitment is to ensure that you always have access to the best LLM technology available.

Am I able to train Gali using the content on my website simply by providing a link?


Absolutely! We've designed the system to be as user-friendly as possible when it comes to adding training sources for your Gali bots. You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of sources, ranging from your website to other relevant documentation and custom documents.To use your website as a source, all you need to do is provide the link. We'll handle the rest, including selecting the relevant pages, fetching data, and adding them as training sources.

How can I integrate the chatbot into my website after setting it up on my dashboard?


Once you've configured your chatbot on the dashboard, navigate to the 'Export' section to obtain the HTML snippet. This code can be incorporated into your website. There are several options for embedding the chatbot, such as placing an icon in the lower right corner of your website or using an iframe. For advanced users who may require APIs, don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

Is Gali available in languages other than English?


Yes. Gali bots, powered by OpenAI GPT, are capable of training and responding in multiple languages. Additionally, there is no need to preset the response language, as the bots will automatically respond in the language of the user's input.

Will I have access to the chat logs?


Absolutely. We store chat logs for your perusal. This allows you to analyze them to enhance various aspects of your business, such as improving website communication based on visitor inquiries, addressing customer support issues, and refining internal documentation and company-related knowledge bases.

Can the chatbot escalate conversations to a human?


Yes, on paid plans, if there's a need to speak with a human, the chatbot will automatically detect this. It will then request users email and forward the conversation to you. This ensures you can offer further assistance with the complete context already at hand.

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